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“Paradise Island” Exhibition, 2020

Elly Heise is a first-generation Canadian artist with Norwegian-German heritage. Heise attended the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver where she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015, majoring in Photography. In the Spring of 2020 she obtained her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria. She is currently working on a new series which she began while attending residencies from August-October in Switzerland and Portugal.

“Through my artistic practice I aim to highlight and explore the potential for a symbiotic existence between the various environments that we as humans are typically exposed to. Using the photographic medium, I investigate people’s innate desire to inhabit imagined space and question how this desire potentially impacts our relationship with physicality and self-awareness. I reflect on numerous spaces we must somehow learn co-exist with. The photoshopped images I make visually intersect natural spaces, digital realms, memory archives, and the human body. I invite the viewer to consider our existence with these intertwined spaces.”



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